Top Tips for Planning a Successful Wedding Event

A wedding turns out to be the most important event of an individual’s life. Planning a wedding can appear to be a highly overwhelming task. Right from the decoration to guests, wedding theme, photography, and so more –you would definitely want every aspect of your wedding to be perfect & flawless.

If you are looking forward to planning out your wedding event all on your own like a pro, here are some tips from the event experts:

  • Set a Budget You can Stick To: There is no denying the fact that weddings can turn out to be a highly expensive affair. Just like any other event, you might want to include some special effects to your wedding to enhance the overall feel. Make a proper budget and try sticking to it. Aim to not exceed the set budget that you have made from day one. If you tend to overspend on a single aspect, then you can try slashing some additional expenses on additional areas of your wedding.


  • Create a Proper Timeline: In addition to the budget, the timeline is another vital aspect that you can look into. Develop a proper, reasonable timeline that must fit your schedule. Map out the due dates on a calendar and plan out the different proceedings of the wedding as per the given timeline. Depending on the timeline, you would like to ensure that you have ample time left for everything to be well arranged before the wedding date.


  • Look out for Relevant Event Tools: When it comes to organizing your wedding event, the specialized event tools turn out be the best friends. You can come across a wide range of relevant wedding event tools that could be immensely helpful. In addition to the online wedding event checklists, you can also search for event management apps or tools online that can help you with the overall budgeting, time management, and setting useful reminders for the wedding event.


  • Mark the Important Details: Whether it is booking an appointment with the decorator or parlour appointment, it is vital to mark all the important details such that you do not lose track of any. Some of the most significant details with respect to your wedding would include the size of the guests, theme of the wedding, wedding venue, invitations, and so more. Mark out different dates and checklists for completing each task one after another in a detailed manner.


  • Design with High Quality Standards: While planning your wedding event, you might have several design resources that you might wish to utilize on different dates and events. If a specific design with respect to the wedding card, invitation, décor, or any such related aspect comes to your mind, you must look out for the topmost quality standards. There can be nothing more special than a custom-made, creative wedding theme!


Make your wedding stand out with these pro tips to plan out your wedding event!

Best bridal designs you must try



Bridesmaid is one of the most common and overused words during holidays when weddings and proposals constantly fill the air. Just as the bride is anxious about what to wear and what style, so are the bridesmaids. The same worries are associated with the bridesmaids. This occasion brings about mixed emotions and questions to bridesmaids such as “which dress are we to wear?” “Are we all to wear same style or design”? aor “What color do we all wear?” or “What material should be used?”. These and many more questions bug the minds of the bridesmaids.


Due to these challenges, I have selected five best bridesmaid’s dresses to look at, to help ease these worries. Trendy styles for bridesmaids are stated below:


  1. Tube Dress: this is surprisingly not the latest style but interestingly stylish every time it’s worn. Here, this style reveals your bare shoulders, and a little part of your boobs and cleavage (although some prefer it to show more, this depends on your taste), and it brings out the curves of your breast. The rest of the dress is flowing down to your toes. Some styles of Tube-Dresses are fitted and stops at the knee or above the knee. That also depends on your taste and choice. The most important thing is to look your very best and comfortable with what you’re wearing. That is bound to attract admirers on your wedding day, but most of all, this would flatter your husband to be.
  2. One-Shoulder Dress: this is one of the latest bridesmaid dress styles; it reveals one part of your shoulder. It symmetrically gathers the dress across your boobs to the left-hand side or right-hand side of your shoulder. This part is mostly decorated with flowers, ribbons or bows. Downwards, you have a long flowing dress which is preferable for its elegance.
  3. Mismatched Dress: these are dresses that are of one color but different color shades. For instance, one of the bridesmaid gowns can be magenta, and she holds a colorful bouquet and another bridesmaid wears a purple gown with a colorful The combination is beautiful and amazing, out of the normal. The variation in colors brings about its beauty. This mismatch works best only with one color, different shades.
  4. Different Styles: Here, the bridesmaids are allowed to showcase their creativity by freestyling with designs. For instance, Short gowns are worn by some bridesmaid and the rest long gowns. In other cases, the dresses will entirely be different in design, some sleeveless, off shoulder, butterfly, cap, or open sleeves. That is impeccably Its okay to not to do ordinary.
  5. Multicolored Dress: these dresses are of different colors just as its name implies. Some bridesmaids wear a completely different color (my advice is that both colors should be from the decoration and theme), and different styles. These styles might seem crazy to some people but unexpectedly lovely in pictures (as long as the colors can be related to any of the event colors).



Are you getting married? Meet the beautiful Jimmy Choo bridal collection

This is a unique collection, for sure. Any bride can be amazed by at least one of the shoes. From simple stylized forms to cinderella bright sleepers, you can have the perfect accessory for your dress. Saying “I do” with a pair of choo’s can be a dream come true. All the collection is handcrafted made in leather and luxe satin to make anyone look as glamorous as possible on the most important day of your life.

We’ll know that Jimmy Choo is the accurate synonym of luxury and excellence. Is one of the most important brands nowadays, so what better choice to wear a pair of these to your wedding day. They offer a wide range of different design where you can find your perfect fit. If you don’t like heels, don’t worry, you can use a superior sparkling pair of flats that will complement your clothing entirely.

The 2018 collection can be the most complete and inspired yet. Whatever your style is, you’ll be blown away by any of the designs. From monochromatic sandals (silver and gold tones) to metallic heels with crystals and more, Choo has done an exquisite job with this production. What are you waiting

Is not a joke! Jimmy Choo shoes are worth it. From the moment you taking them out of the box you’ll experience an incredible feeling. You’ll put the heel on your feet and they’ll fit like a glove and you’ll be immediately in love and feeling like the most beautiful princess in the entire world. They’re expensive, yes, they are. Luxuries things with quality have a price and you can’t expect less from it. You’ll get what you’re paying for and you’ll see and feel the quality of this shoes in your hand.

If you have the opportunity to buy a Choo’s for your wedding day, what you’re thinking about? Having a dream pair of shoes with the most higher quality material is something that you won’t regret. Now, let’s talk about something really important, are they comfy? Girl, are you ever wear a pair of heels complete comfortable? Maybe no, right? Well, Jimmy Choo’s are not the exception, they’re very comfortable, perhaps, the most comfortable heels that you’ll ever wear, like we said before, they fit like a glove. But the truth is, you can feel some discomfort throughout the day and its normal.

The wedding day should be the perfect chance to spend those bucks in a pair of shoes that you’ll never forget. Also, you can wear them again too, why not? So, not you’re choosing Choo? Is your pick. Remember, you won’t find any other pair of shoes that screams glamour and quality as a Jimmy Choo shoes.

Jimmy Choo interesting facts

If you’re a big fan of Jimmy Choo collections, you may be interested to know more about this luxurious brand. Born in Malaysia, the shoe designer is one of the most recognized entrepreneurs in the world. His unique creations are admired for their distinguished quality, exceptional designs, and a prestige elegance; he managed to produce a name that changed the shoe industry forever.

“I design like an architect. It’s a beautiful, distinctive art, and shoes are like foundations. If the foundations aren’t right, the building won’t stand up upright, and if a woman’s balance isn’t right, nothing else is”- Jimmy Choo.

If you want to know more about this incredible fashion man, keep reading the following interesting facts:

–    His last name is not Choo as you may believe! The designer’s actual family name is Chow. An administrative mistake that was made on his birth certificate left him with the name that will make him famous: choo.

–    The company was founded by Jimmy and his niece, Sandra Choo; she’s the creative director.

–    The first store opened in 1996 on Motcomb, London.

–    In 1998 Choo decided to expand his company to the United States and opened two stores in New York and Beverly Hills.

–    The expansion is in constant growth, and you can see his creations through the most-known places as Paris, Rome, and more.

–    The designer created his first pair of shoes at the age of 11 years old. His father introduced him to the industry at an early age, and he was continually studying his predecessor job.

–    Choo’s first shoe label was “Lucky Shoes,” and was launched in 1936. Apparently, the label worked on his successfulness.

–    In 1986 his started using his name as the brand.

–    Nowadays the recognizable designer has countless celebrities as clients, but one of his first friends was the unforgettable, Princess Diana. She was a huge fan of his work, and from there, they grew their relationship to become great friends. As a loving memory, he kept the last pair of shoes he finished for her after her sudden accident.

–    The company has more than 400 design patents.

–    He designed 63 different pairs of shoes for the film “Legally Blonde 2”. If you watch the movie, you’ll appreciate unique designs that he created specifically for this production.

–    He’s a real believer that quality is better than quantity. His hand-crafted brand is exceptional for its quality, discipline, and preciseness.

–    The brand is now a royal favorite. Choo’s shoes have been spotted on Kate Middleton, Zara Phillips, and many others.

–    In 2002, Choo was recognized by the British fashion industry awarded him with the most excellent order of the British empire.

–    In his country, Malaysia, he was granted the title of Dato by the Sultan of Pahang.

Without any doubt, the shoe industry created by Choo will always be appreciated and remembered. He has made a unique input into the fashion world, and he’s still making inimitable designs that world icons use every day.