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Jimmy Choo is like Drake…started from the bottom now we here.  Kidding. But, Choo is the one guy that can create a pair of shoes that are so fine, all of the women fight over it like an attractive guy.  It’s like the Bachelor in real-life.  His shoes would beat out the competition from the wimpy guys that go on that show.  Jimmy Choo is based out of the UK, and wasn’t famous until 1998 when Vogue did a multiple page edition on his story and his shoes.

As you already know, Jimmy Choo Shoes sell for top dollar.  Aside from the main website, there are many partner stores that offer them as well.

Bluefly for example is selling Jimmy Choo Shoes at 20% off for a limited time.

Jimmy Choo Gold Metallic Leather and Glitter Mixed Media Sandals

Take a look at the Jimmy Choo Gold Metallic Leather and Glitter Mixed Media Sandals.  These gorgeous additions to the sandal line are stunning glitter lame ‘Mesreen 85’.  The upper half of the shoe is suede. There’s a rounded open toe, and cut-out vamp for that ever-so-sleek slip-on style.  Leather lining and leather sole come standard with a 3.5 inch heel, made in Italy.  Normally selling at a price point in excess of $900, they are currently going for $504, which is not only a 44% savings, but also makes you eligible to receive an additional 30% off TODAY only.  The Gold/Taupe color is still in stock in sizes US 7 and 9.5  Hurry and check it out before the sale ends!

Your partner in crime.


Jimmy Choo Hot Sale

Sorry for the delay!  Things are crazy busy here.  Two great deals for the week on women’s designer shoes:

Jimmy Choo Tide Mirrored-Leather Pumps from $675 marked down to $338 (cut in half!) –>

Jimmy Choo Donna metallic-striped suede espadrilles marked down to $298 from $425 (also serious!) –> same place

You Get What You Pay For

I heard something today that I’ve heard many times before – the prices are just too expensive.  I’m going to help with this one right now.

You get what you pay for.  Quality makes a difference.  Jimmy Choo apparel, shoes, handbags (all of it), are made of the highest quality raw materials money can buy.  The reason for that is it allows the production of the absolute highest quality products.  That means everything looks great, feels great, and has fantastic durability.  If something is wrong with one of the products, it’s replaced for you.

When you buy cheaply made clothing, bags, and shoes, expect that they will not last.  The materials are not as durable, the look will not be as attractive, and the product will not last as long.  These are the sacrifices one makes when they choose the low price goods of really anything on the market.

Beyond quality, you pay for the brand.  Jimmy Choo is recognized as an elite luxury brand.  That status comes with an exclusivity that not everyone is able to be a part of.  If you can afford it, consider yourself lucky because everything is unique.


Saved My Jimmy Choo Gear

Well, it had to happen eventually. A pipe burst upstairs and started spraying water all over my house and my Jimmy Choo clothes! I love all of my Jimmy Choo gear and I almost had a heart attack.  Luckily, this company saved my stuff.  Color me forever grateful, seriously.  They just prevented a major dent in my wallet, so here’s my shout out.