Best bridal designs you must try



Bridesmaid is one of the most common and overused words during holidays when weddings and proposals constantly fill the air. Just as the bride is anxious about what to wear and what style, so are the bridesmaids. The same worries are associated with the bridesmaids. This occasion brings about mixed emotions and questions to bridesmaids such as “which dress are we to wear?” “Are we all to wear same style or design”? aor “What color do we all wear?” or “What material should be used?”. These and many more questions bug the minds of the bridesmaids.


Due to these challenges, I have selected five best bridesmaid’s dresses to look at, to help ease these worries. Trendy styles for bridesmaids are stated below:


  1. Tube Dress: this is surprisingly not the latest style but interestingly stylish every time it’s worn. Here, this style reveals your bare shoulders, and a little part of your boobs and cleavage (although some prefer it to show more, this depends on your taste), and it brings out the curves of your breast. The rest of the dress is flowing down to your toes. Some styles of Tube-Dresses are fitted and stops at the knee or above the knee. That also depends on your taste and choice. The most important thing is to look your very best and comfortable with what you’re wearing. That is bound to attract admirers on your wedding day, but most of all, this would flatter your husband to be.
  2. One-Shoulder Dress: this is one of the latest bridesmaid dress styles; it reveals one part of your shoulder. It symmetrically gathers the dress across your boobs to the left-hand side or right-hand side of your shoulder. This part is mostly decorated with flowers, ribbons or bows. Downwards, you have a long flowing dress which is preferable for its elegance.
  3. Mismatched Dress: these are dresses that are of one color but different color shades. For instance, one of the bridesmaid gowns can be magenta, and she holds a colorful bouquet and another bridesmaid wears a purple gown with a colorful The combination is beautiful and amazing, out of the normal. The variation in colors brings about its beauty. This mismatch works best only with one color, different shades.
  4. Different Styles: Here, the bridesmaids are allowed to showcase their creativity by freestyling with designs. For instance, Short gowns are worn by some bridesmaid and the rest long gowns. In other cases, the dresses will entirely be different in design, some sleeveless, off shoulder, butterfly, cap, or open sleeves. That is impeccably Its okay to not to do ordinary.
  5. Multicolored Dress: these dresses are of different colors just as its name implies. Some bridesmaids wear a completely different color (my advice is that both colors should be from the decoration and theme), and different styles. These styles might seem crazy to some people but unexpectedly lovely in pictures (as long as the colors can be related to any of the event colors).