Bridal Footwear with a Hint of Pink

Traditionally, brides have often chosen footwear that blended in with the hue of their chosen wedding dress. This meant that most bridal footwear were constrained to Eggshell or White; often using gems or beading to give it something a little extra. As of late though, the more fashion forward brides have taken to choosing a hue of footwear that can be quite different from the dress altogether. Bolder brides have even taken to choosing striking colors like Cyan or Mauveine.

If that isn’t your cup of tea and wish for a softer color of designer shoes to walk in on your big day, Jimmy Choo has got you covered. Jimmy Choo bridal footwear now thankfully carries several pieces in the soft shade of pink called Dusty Rose. Let’s list out which pieces rock this hue and the relative cost so our readers can make informed choices.

Kami 100

With a heel height of almost 4 inches, this delicate strappy sandal has a dramatic flare to it with its fan-like detailing on the upper curves which arch towards the ankle. It’s quite reminiscent of classic French footwear with a slightly modern twist. Kami is often always stocked in Jimmy Choo branches and costs less than $905.


One of the more iconic and classic Jimmy Choo styles, slender treated straps of leather delicately embrace the foot and provide ample support from heel to toe. Two elasticized buckled anklet straps further help secure the piece. Lang heel height reaches 3.9 inches and costs less than $670.

Lucy 100

For the more classic bride, Lucy takes the well-known pointy toe pump and adds an asymmetrical cut out which accentuates the silhouette of the foot beautifully. A delicate ankle strap helps stabilize the pump and adds a tad more class unto the pump. Lucy has the standard 3.9 inch heels and costs $585.

Rosa 100

A variation of Lucy with more sparkle for the bride, Rosa comes with Swarovski crystal mix clip-on jewels to adorn the shoe. Like Lucy, Rosa has an asymmetrical cut out at the side which places emphasis on the shape of the foot. An ankle strap secures the lovely Rosa unto the bride. Additional clip-on jewels or pompoms (depending on the bride) can be made-to-order.  Rosa starts at $930 and can be subject to increase pending additional clips.

Romy 85

For the no frills bride, Romy is for you. Jimmy Choo has taken the simple yet classic pointy toe pump and gave it a much needed update with a softened point and stiletto heels. The heels on Romy are a little shorter than other pieces, clocking at 3.3 inches. Romy has been quite the favorite as it is relatively more affordable than her sisters at $505. It is also important to note that if you ever decide to shop online, you may find the Dusty Rose Romy to be made to order. You may have better luck at a physical branch of Jimmy Choo to get your hands on this classic fashion staple.