Get Clothing Through Truckload Liquidators

Jimmy Choo and all other brands of clothing and shoes are sold at major retailers and big box stores that we all know. Whether you’re shopping at Bloomingdale’s or Target, the apparel and accessories that you see in stores are only available for a limited time. All shoes and clothing are cycled to keep a fresh flow of new inventory that people want to buy. That opens the doors to truckload liquidators like IDX Liquidations who resells merchandise at lower prices than you’d ever see in a store. IDX purchases inventory from the store and then sells some of it on eBay and some of it by truckload to other resellers.

Picture a brand new shirt that retails at $60. A truckload of that exact shirt is delivered to the store and put up on the shelves. After a few weeks, only about half of the inventory has sold, so the store discounts the price of the merchandise to $39.99. Two more weeks go by and a few more shirts have sold, but the products are not selling fast enough. The store then discounts the shirt’s price to $24.99 in an effort to sell them all right away. One more week passes and no one has purchased the shirts. More than a month has gone by and the store can’t wait any longer. They need to swap out old products for new inventory, so the store sells the shirts to a truckload liquidation company. IDX Liquidations buys the inventory directly from the store to resell and distribute to other vendors.