Jimmy Choo interesting facts

If you’re a big fan of Jimmy Choo collections, you may be interested to know more about this luxurious brand. Born in Malaysia, the shoe designer is one of the most recognized entrepreneurs in the world. His unique creations are admired for their distinguished quality, exceptional designs, and a prestige elegance; he managed to produce a name that changed the shoe industry forever.

“I design like an architect. It’s a beautiful, distinctive art, and shoes are like foundations. If the foundations aren’t right, the building won’t stand up upright, and if a woman’s balance isn’t right, nothing else is”- Jimmy Choo.

If you want to know more about this incredible fashion man, keep reading the following interesting facts:

–    His last name is not Choo as you may believe! The designer’s actual family name is Chow. An administrative mistake that was made on his birth certificate left him with the name that will make him famous: choo.

–    The company was founded by Jimmy and his niece, Sandra Choo; she’s the creative director.

–    The first store opened in 1996 on Motcomb, London.

–    In 1998 Choo decided to expand his company to the United States and opened two stores in New York and Beverly Hills.

–    The expansion is in constant growth, and you can see his creations through the most-known places as Paris, Rome, and more.

–    The designer created his first pair of shoes at the age of 11 years old. His father introduced him to the industry at an early age, and he was continually studying his predecessor job.

–    Choo’s first shoe label was “Lucky Shoes,” and was launched in 1936. Apparently, the label worked on his successfulness.

–    In 1986 his started using his name as the brand.

–    Nowadays the recognizable designer has countless celebrities as clients, but one of his first friends was the unforgettable, Princess Diana. She was a huge fan of his work, and from there, they grew their relationship to become great friends. As a loving memory, he kept the last pair of shoes he finished for her after her sudden accident.

–    The company has more than 400 design patents.

–    He designed 63 different pairs of shoes for the film “Legally Blonde 2”. If you watch the movie, you’ll appreciate unique designs that he created specifically for this production.

–    He’s a real believer that quality is better than quantity. His hand-crafted brand is exceptional for its quality, discipline, and preciseness.

–    The brand is now a royal favorite. Choo’s shoes have been spotted on Kate Middleton, Zara Phillips, and many others.

–    In 2002, Choo was recognized by the British fashion industry awarded him with the most excellent order of the British empire.

–    In his country, Malaysia, he was granted the title of Dato by the Sultan of Pahang.

Without any doubt, the shoe industry created by Choo will always be appreciated and remembered. He has made a unique input into the fashion world, and he’s still making inimitable designs that world icons use every day.