How To Care For Your Jimmy Choo Shoes

We’ve been getting a lot of requests for a ‘how-to’ article, so happy new year everyone–your wish is our command! We wouldn’t blame you if you used some of your hefty holiday bonuses on a new pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. I mean, who can blame you? They’re stylish, classic, and glamorous! Today, we’ll give you some tips on how you can keep your lovely Choos in prime condition!

Install Protective Tips and Heels

This tip is best applied before you wear your Jimmy Choo shoes. Place a visit to your trusted repair shop and have them install rubber tips and heels before any wear and tear take place. The lifespan of your designer shoes will extend significantly and your feet will also thank you.

Weatherproof Your Shoes

This is also a tip for when you first wear your lovely pair of Choos. Designer footwear can cost you a pretty penny and therefore should be considered an investment worth protecting. So in that light, it’s important to shield your shoes from rain, mud, or snow by using a protective spray. Apply the spray regularly. Reapply around every six to eight weeks for maximum protection. Be mindful of the material of your shoe and the type of spray you use. The last thing you’d want is to apply a spray that has a unfortunate effect on your shoes. Study up or ask the store consultants on what sprays they can recommend.

Keep Them In Their Natural Shape

When storing your shoes after usage, make use of a shoe tree to maintain their shape. But what about strappy shoes, you say? Don’t worry! A good trick of the trade is to stuff the toecap with newspaper or tissue. The straps will take care of themselves. As for your boots, use boot shapers for the shaft and stuff the toe with newspaper. That will keep your shoes in the proper shape and there will be little damage to the material through storage.

Keep An Eye On The Weather

There’s little sense in wearing amazing leather strappy shoes when there’s a hurricane going on outside. No matter how much preemptive care you do, when the weather isn’t right, your shoes will suffer. If it’s getting a tad too humid for you taste, keep moisture absorbing gels, liquids, or bags nearby your shoes. Keep your shoes away from direct sunlight and moist places.

TLC Your Suede Shoes

Suede can be a rather pretty thing but a tad of a terror when it comes to getting dirt or stains. So it’s best to clean and waterproof your suede shoes regularly. Brush them with a soft bristle brush before wearing so they’ll look as incredible as the day you bought them. Should you have the misfortune of getting them wet, you can stuff them with newspaper or extra absorbent kitchen towels in order to get the shoes to retain their shape and any moisture will be sucked away naturally. Do not blow dry your suede shoes.

Replace Any Old Soles Out ASAP

Tired soles suck the beauty out of any designer goods. So the moment your lovely pair is looking like it’s got some battle scars to it, it’ll be time to take it to your trusted cobbler.

Rotate Your Shoes and Boots

This is an oldie but a true goodie. Constant use will only wear out your shoes faster so it’s best to have a schedule on which shoe is to be worn when. This is a personal favorite since it’s the perfect excuse to go and get more shoes!

So this is where we leave you today. If you’ve got any other questions, feel free to message us or send us an email and we’ll be glad to write a piece addressing your issues!

Bridal Footwear with a Hint of Pink

Traditionally, brides have often chosen footwear that blended in with the hue of their chosen wedding dress. This meant that most bridal footwear were constrained to Eggshell or White; often using gems or beading to give it something a little extra. As of late though, the more fashion forward brides have taken to choosing a hue of footwear that can be quite different from the dress altogether. Bolder brides have even taken to choosing striking colors like Cyan or Mauveine.

If that isn’t your cup of tea and wish for a softer color of designer shoes to walk in on your big day, Jimmy Choo has got you covered. Jimmy Choo bridal footwear now thankfully carries several pieces in the soft shade of pink called Dusty Rose. Let’s list out which pieces rock this hue and the relative cost so our readers can make informed choices.

Kami 100

With a heel height of almost 4 inches, this delicate strappy sandal has a dramatic flare to it with its fan-like detailing on the upper curves which arch towards the ankle. It’s quite reminiscent of classic French footwear with a slightly modern twist. Kami is often always stocked in Jimmy Choo branches and costs less than $905.


One of the more iconic and classic Jimmy Choo styles, slender treated straps of leather delicately embrace the foot and provide ample support from heel to toe. Two elasticized buckled anklet straps further help secure the piece. Lang heel height reaches 3.9 inches and costs less than $670.

Lucy 100

For the more classic bride, Lucy takes the well-known pointy toe pump and adds an asymmetrical cut out which accentuates the silhouette of the foot beautifully. A delicate ankle strap helps stabilize the pump and adds a tad more class unto the pump. Lucy has the standard 3.9 inch heels and costs $585.

Rosa 100

A variation of Lucy with more sparkle for the bride, Rosa comes with Swarovski crystal mix clip-on jewels to adorn the shoe. Like Lucy, Rosa has an asymmetrical cut out at the side which places emphasis on the shape of the foot. An ankle strap secures the lovely Rosa unto the bride. Additional clip-on jewels or pompoms (depending on the bride) can be made-to-order.  Rosa starts at $930 and can be subject to increase pending additional clips.

Romy 85

For the no frills bride, Romy is for you. Jimmy Choo has taken the simple yet classic pointy toe pump and gave it a much needed update with a softened point and stiletto heels. The heels on Romy are a little shorter than other pieces, clocking at 3.3 inches. Romy has been quite the favorite as it is relatively more affordable than her sisters at $505. It is also important to note that if you ever decide to shop online, you may find the Dusty Rose Romy to be made to order. You may have better luck at a physical branch of Jimmy Choo to get your hands on this classic fashion staple.

Proper Transportation

Proper Transportation?

You’ve got your designer clothes, you’re wearing your Jimmy Choo shoes, you’ve got your luxury handbag on your arm…you’re almost ready to go.  You need proper transportation.  You can’t have an amazing night out on a big occasion without this one important thing – an amazing ride.  You can opt for Uber if you’d like, but my vote is always a fancy limo, so we’ve left you some advice.

With the rise of gas prices and the inescapable traffic, it’s becoming more and more inconvenient to drive your own car. Being at the mercy of sly taxi drivers when you’re on a rush to the airport can be such a nightmare! The hassle of having to plan and schedule a tour can also be quite taxing, particularly, if there will certainly be events to crop up that can be beyond your control. If any of these ring a bell, then I’m certain that more than once you’ve wished for an alternative. The advent of Uber has helped a little bit but even then, there are some services that they can’t provide. And you certainly can’t choose what type of vehicle will pick you up and take you to your destination. So what’s a person to do?

Employing a limo service company can save you quite a bit of time and a lot of effort. Whatever state you’re in, there are sure to be dozens of limo service companies that will be more than happy to serve you. An added bonus is that since there can be quite a few of them, they will be ever busy trying to shine brighter—so expect promotional deals and great discounts. All you need to do is make some phone calls or even pop on your social media and shoot them a private message. Most of their company websites even offer a free quotation to meet your specifications and needs.

Limo service companies, the good ones, take special care in making sure that their fleets are properly serviced and thoroughly inspected to meet safety regulations. All limo service companies are no longer restricted to a limousine type car. You have your choice of sedans, SUVs, longer limousines, and even bus spec vehicles. If you’re looking for a special car for a special occasion, limo service providers also offer prestige sedans like Mercedes Benz’s S550 and other options from big name brands like Bentley and Rolls Royce.

Not only are limo service companies there to ease your travel woes, they also aim to provide you with a taste of absolute luxury. When you hire a limousine, they usually come equipped with some state of the art luxury equipment and other entertainment perks. For example, a standard limousine rental can come with a DVD with TV Tuner, Full length stainless steel mirrored ceiling with fiber optics, Power solid divider, Fiber Optic Bar, A Twenty Inch LCD TV, Champagne Buckets with drains, Decanters filled with your choice of liquid, Ice buckets, champagne glasses, rock glasses, candy dishes, and so much more!

It’s easy to see why hiring a limousine can be such a treat. Not only do you arrive at your destination in style, you’re also afforded a peek into a glamorous and worry-free lifestyle that most of us can only dream of!

Now, do not go thinking that limo service companies are restricted to only being a flashy car at an event. There are other reasons why hiring a car through a limo service company is a good idea. Are you currently thinking of going on a tour? It can be quite the hassle to have to pick a destination then only to realize that you’ll have to get on a long bus ride with people that you would rather not meet. What most people have yet to discover is that limo service companies are more than happy to plan and book your tour for you! They pool together their drivers’ knowledge of the local routes and sights that aren’t normally on bus tours and use that know-how to provide their clients with one-of-a kind tours that will definitely be worth remembering in a good way.

Limo service companies will more than able to score you a tour so all you have to do is say when and get picked up by your assigned car. If you want to take families and friends too, there are larger cars in the fleet to meet your needs. Have professionals help plan your itinerary without any of the unnecessary worry that comes with trip planning.

Other than that, limo service companies are also available to be your scheduled ride to the airport. They are usually available all hours of the day and all days of the week—even on holidays. They can provide transfer services nationwide to and from all major and private airports. Limo service companies make use of flight trackers on an hourly basis to completely monitor late arrivals or delays in flights. That way, they can remain updated as they wait for your arrival or as they plan for your departure. The better limo service companies have affiliations with trusted weather service companies so they’ll have a strong understanding of what sort of weather is to be expected so they can alter their services to fit your needs.

To allay any fears you might have, it is common practice for limo service companies to outfit their vehicles with GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) so the main office can always keep track of where you currently are and ensure that you reach your destination safely. All drivers are also placed under a stringent background check to ensure quality personnel. Periodic sudden eye tests and spot checks are also conducted to evaluate performance from pick up to drop off.

As you can see, there are so many more experiences that a limo service company can give you other than what the common notion gives. Give yourself or people you know a unique experience and hire a car from your local limo service provider. Of course, don’t forget to be discerning, stringent, and careful about your hiring process and everything will go swimmingly!

Planning A Halloween Wedding

Halloween has always been a dress up holiday in the United States. Fun loving couples it has become the ideal day to hold a wedding. The process of planning a Halloween wedding is a unique one. There is a way for couples to have a traditional Halloween wedding if they choose to; others prefer an offbeat wedding to celebrate the holiday.

In a traditional Halloween wedding couples will plan their wedding as if it was being held on any given date and simply incorporate select Halloween decorations into their reception. For couples who are planning a more unconventional wedding the Halloween theme runs rampant. In many cases, these couples will even ask their guests to dress in Halloween costumes as opposed to dress clothes one would normally wear to a wedding. This information is included in the wedding invitations that guests know what they are in for before they even RSVP.

Couples who wish to dress for their Halloween themed wedding often choose costumes such as Frankenstein or Dracula and their respective brides. Other ideas include Cleopatra and Anthony, Tarzan and Jane, Romeo and Juliet or even Cinderella and Prince Charming. To let the guests in on the fun, the dancing portion of the reception can involve a masked ball and the playing of Halloween music.

The food a couple chooses for their Halloween wedding is determined by whether they want a traditional or non-traditional wedding. For a small, traditional wedding many couples will choose to serve spaghetti complete with meatballs designed to look like eyeballs. Blood-red punch makes a great beverage for a Halloween wedding and is even safe for child guests to drink. Adding dry ice to a bowl of punch turns it into a colored fog that will help set the mood for the occasion.

For a larger wedding to mark the holiday, main dish ideas can incorporate pumpkin. The theme can be continued with a Halloween themed dessert bar. Couples who don’t feel the need to serve a traditional wedding cake to their guests may choose one in red velvet or pumpkin spice flavor.

One aspect of planning a Halloween wedding where couples can get very creative is in the wedding favors. There are countless options that fit the holiday theme, including pumpkin seed packets, as well as Halloween scented candles, key chains and cookies. Edible wedding favors have become popular and they can be tailored to any theme.

To get as much leverage as possible out of the Halloween theme, a creative idea is to hold the rehearsal dinner at a haunted house or mansion. Bed and Breakfasts can also make for a good location for a rehearsal dinner.

Providing entertainment at a Halloween themed wedding reception can be as easy as hiring a local magician or fortune teller. Wedding guests can then have their fortunes read to them during the reception.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to planning a traditional or non traditional wedding with a Halloween theme.