Jimmy Choo Hot Sale

Sorry for the delay!  Things are crazy busy here.  Two great deals for the week on women’s designer shoes:

Jimmy Choo Tide Mirrored-Leather Pumps from $675 marked down to $338 (cut in half!) –> theoutnet.com

Jimmy Choo Donna metallic-striped suede espadrilles marked down to $298 from $425 (also serious!) –> same place

You Get What You Pay For

I heard something today that I’ve heard many times before – the prices are just too expensive.  I’m going to help with this one right now.

You get what you pay for.  Quality makes a difference.  Jimmy Choo apparel, shoes, handbags (all of it), are made of the highest quality raw materials money can buy.  The reason for that is it allows the production of the absolute highest quality products.  That means everything looks great, feels great, and has fantastic durability.  If something is wrong with one of the products, it’s replaced for you.

When you buy cheaply made clothing, bags, and shoes, expect that they will not last.  The materials are not as durable, the look will not be as attractive, and the product will not last as long.  These are the sacrifices one makes when they choose the low price goods of really anything on the market.

Beyond quality, you pay for the brand.  Jimmy Choo is recognized as an elite luxury brand.  That status comes with an exclusivity that not everyone is able to be a part of.  If you can afford it, consider yourself lucky because everything is unique.


Quick Customer Story

Did you know that the Jimmy Choo employees will work harder than anyone you’ve met to get you what you need?  Take a look at Valerie’s story on Yelp.  She came to the store looking for a very specific, special edition pair of Jimmy Choo heels that there were only a few of in the entire country.  The employee Roger, spent days searching for them – scanning inventory logs and calling other stores.  The great part is that the customer got exactly what she needed!

My Jimmy Choo Apparel

I personally have purchased so much Jimmy Choo apparel and gear in the last few years that I feel like I should take over the company, or at least be a head manager or something.  It’s line of shoes is my all time favorite.  I have an entire wall dedicated to them in my home.