Jimmy Choo’s New 24-7 Line-up

Jimmy Choo’s got a new line that has finally hit the market, the 24:7 Collection!  Sleek, sexy shoes to give you that edge.

Check out the latest details with the promo video here:

Let me know what you think!  Personally, I’m all in.

Interesting facts about Jimmy Choo

Quick Facts About the Fashion Mogul

Jimmy Choo is a world famous fashion designer who was born in Malaysia. The handmade shoes helped him earn his success and fame during the early stages of his career. The father of Jimmy Choo was a shoemaker as well. Therefore, he was into shoemaking from his childhood, which created a tremendous impact on his success later in life. In the meantime, he focused on his studies as well and he was able to obtain his graduation from a London technical college. In fact, his degree was related to hand-crafting and designing.

Jimmy Choo got the opportunity to work with some world famous celebrities during the early stage of his career. They include the Princess Diana of Wales as well. These relationships enhanced his popularity and he was able to increase the potential customer base in a convenient manner. He even worked closely with the editor of “Vogue” magazine. This inspired him to establish his own company in the fashion industry named Jimmy Choo Ltd. It was able to become a popular fashion label in every corner of the world within a short period of time.

The first shop of Jimmy Choo was opened back in 1986. In fact, it was based on an old hospital building, which he rented at a cheap price. The unique approach followed by Jimmy Choo helped him to achieve his targets without much hassle. The customers noticed the uniqueness in Jimmy Choo products and he was able to establish a potential customer base as a result of it.

The work he did with high end clients at the early stage of his life were entirely based on commissions. Therefore, he had to labor over the client specific details. However, he was able to match the personal requirements of his clients into the designs. The hard work of Jimmy Choo paid off during 1988. He was able to feature in the Vogue magazine and the article spread for 8 pages. This fact also contributed towards his popularity. This article helped him to become the designer of Princess of Wales.

The popularity of Jimmy Choo increased on a daily basis, but he was still running a fairly small company. It could make about 20 handmade shoes for a week. However, his designs were internationally famous at that time and he found the need to increase the productions.

During 2001, Jimmy Choo sold 50% of stake that he had in the Jimmy Choo Ltd. for a price of £10 million. Then he paid special attention towards the Jimmy Choo Couture line, which focuses on ready to wear fashion. Jimmy Choo was able to win many different awards throughout his successful career as well. He was awarded from the Sultan of Malaysia during 2000 and he was bestowed with the title “Dato” along with it. In 2002, he was honored by the Order of British Empire for the immense contribution towards fashion industry within United Kingdom.

Jimmy Choo’s Back Story

Back Story

Jimmy Choo is a Chinese billionaire that started from nothing and made it to the top, becoming famous for women’s shoes that he custom made by hand.  Jimmy grew up in Malaysia in a business oriented family.  At a young age, he learned methods for creating shoes that would prove to be crucial for his early success.  In his late teens, Choo attended college in the United Kingdom, working at a shoe manufacturing plant during his free time at school in order to pay his expensive tuition.

Choo’s interest was always shoes, so although he attended the university studying in an unrelated field, he always tended to gravitate back to his comfort zone.  Soon after graduating from the London College of Fashion, Choo found a place he could run a business from, and so it began.  He started making shoes, and soon, word began to spread about the quality of his creations.  Magazines and newspapers picked up stories about Choo’s shoe-work, causing his popularity to skyrocket.  He won numerous awards and received hours upon hours of facetime for his unique brand.  In the early 90’s, he started his own company – Jimmy Choo Limited.   In just 5 years, he cashed out half of his company for more than $9M.  From there, he shifted his focus to a special shoe brand subset and has also opened his brand to new markets, such as handbags.  His original website, the site you’re on currently, came about a decade later.