Planning A Halloween Wedding

Halloween has always been a dress up holiday in the United States. Fun loving couples it has become the ideal day to hold a wedding. The process of planning a Halloween wedding is a unique one. There is a way for couples to have a traditional Halloween wedding if they choose to; others prefer an offbeat wedding to celebrate the holiday.

In a traditional Halloween wedding couples will plan their wedding as if it was being held on any given date and simply incorporate select Halloween decorations into their reception. For couples who are planning a more unconventional wedding the Halloween theme runs rampant. In many cases, these couples will even ask their guests to dress in Halloween costumes as opposed to dress clothes one would normally wear to a wedding. This information is included in the wedding invitations that guests know what they are in for before they even RSVP.

Couples who wish to dress for their Halloween themed wedding often choose costumes such as Frankenstein or Dracula and their respective brides. Other ideas include Cleopatra and Anthony, Tarzan and Jane, Romeo and Juliet or even Cinderella and Prince Charming. To let the guests in on the fun, the dancing portion of the reception can involve a masked ball and the playing of Halloween music.

The food a couple chooses for their Halloween wedding is determined by whether they want a traditional or non-traditional wedding. For a small, traditional wedding many couples will choose to serve spaghetti complete with meatballs designed to look like eyeballs. Blood-red punch makes a great beverage for a Halloween wedding and is even safe for child guests to drink. Adding dry ice to a bowl of punch turns it into a colored fog that will help set the mood for the occasion.

For a larger wedding to mark the holiday, main dish ideas can incorporate pumpkin. The theme can be continued with a Halloween themed dessert bar. Couples who don’t feel the need to serve a traditional wedding cake to their guests may choose one in red velvet or pumpkin spice flavor.

One aspect of planning a Halloween wedding where couples can get very creative is in the wedding favors. There are countless options that fit the holiday theme, including pumpkin seed packets, as well as Halloween scented candles, key chains and cookies. Edible wedding favors have become popular and they can be tailored to any theme.

To get as much leverage as possible out of the Halloween theme, a creative idea is to hold the rehearsal dinner at a haunted house or mansion. Bed and Breakfasts can also make for a good location for a rehearsal dinner.

Providing entertainment at a Halloween themed wedding reception can be as easy as hiring a local magician or fortune teller. Wedding guests can then have their fortunes read to them during the reception.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to planning a traditional or non traditional wedding with a Halloween theme.