The First Date Outfits to Impress Your Date

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You got her to say ‘Yes’ to go on a date! Congratulations, my man! The hardest part is over. What comes now is the somewhat tricky component of dating: deciding what to wear. We’ve all been there. Dress up or down? Are sneakers an acceptable shoe on a date? Do you belt or no belt?  Don’t sweat the small stuff. We’ve got the Pro-Tips to impress your lady!

Is it a Wine and Dine?

So she’s a fancy girl and you’re aiming to charm her with your dashing side. A crisp button-down shirt will be your best bet. You can go for vertical stripes which make you look longer which has a flattering result. Partnering them with dark hued trousers and black dress shoes gives a more sophisticated look. If you’re wondering if a belt needs to go with that outfit, it’ll depend on the place you’re taking her to. Is it a classier joint? Belt it up but make sure that they won’t clash with your shoes. You can also add a tie but go for something that’s slim and sleek. Something that doesn’t scream “I just got out of the office!” Keep it in neutral colors and who knows? She just must use it to pull you in for a goodnight kiss at the end of the date.

Going to a Museum?

If you want to relish in the cultural accomplishments of the recent decade (and show her you’re not a boor), going to an art gallery or a museum is a good choice. For a more informal gallery, you can wear those trusty jeans. However, not just any sort of jeans will do. They have to have a classic straight fit. Those will make you look comfortable but very presentable. Having them in a darker hue than usual jeans makes them easy to pair for a dress up or dress down situation. For footwear, you can actually wear your Chucks to this. Go for the cleanest pair you have—no scuffs or scratches. Now isn’t the time to show her how you rarely change your footwear.

For a more upscale gallery, dressing up shows good form. Look chic in a button up shirt, jacket, sleek cotton pants, and some leather top sliders. Think Christian Grey without the creepy controlling factor. It all ends up with a suave feel that makes you fit right in with the posh environment.

So she’s a Sporty Girl?

If you’re lucky enough to find a girl that’s willing to wear a ponytail in public, treating her out to a date where you have a lot of movement is the ticket. Locate your local laser tag joint and take her to it. Wearing something comfortable and loose is going to serve you well. Pair a collared polo shirt with some roomy cotton cargo pants, or some khaki shorts. Or, you can also wear a classic long-sleeved T-shirt that you can roll up to your sleeves. You can always roll those sleeves down if it gets too chilly later on and it gives the impression that you’re cool and flexible. As for footwear, going with something that offers you stable movement and sturdy support like boots is a good add to the mix.

So there’s a local Carnival Nearby?

Local carnivals and fairs are prime spots for fun memories and first dates. It removes any sort of formality and the rustic vibe will help set a more relaxed and jovial vibe. Layers will be your friend here. Carnivals tend to open only at night so you’ll want to bundle up a bit. You can layer a shirt and a button up shirt together and match them with your denims and Espadrille sneakers. For alternate footwear choices, you can even make use of your favorite top sliders. They add for a classic and comfortable look. It’s something that your date will appreciate as it shows you want her to feel at ease around you.

Wear Your Best Accessory: A Smile

This is something that a lot of men disregard. Often, men get too caught up in trying to keep the conversation going or thinking of something witty to say. Never forgetting to smile helps show your lady that you’re out to show her a good time and that you’re at ease with the situation. Ladies tend to over analyze a moment where their guy isn’t flashing his pearly whites. Put both of your minds at ease: smile pleasantly, compliment her, and pay attention to what she says. Looking good may win you some bonus points at the start; ultimately, it’ll be your character that’ll second a second date. So keep that in mind and go know her socks off with the charm reflected by your outfit!